Dwelling artists lead peaceful life in Dongbei Village

In Dongbei Village of Kuichong Subdistrict, Dapeng New Area, about a hour’s drive from downtown Futian, dwell artists from all over China who choose to escape from the bustling city and settle there for its tranquility and low rent.

Expatriate photographers visit Pingshan

A dozen expat photographers joined a photo tour to Pingshan District on Wednesday.

Spring in ancient Chinese poems

Spring represents the beginning of all things and the beginning of life. In the vast world of ancient Chinese poetry, there are many beautiful lines about ploughing fields and going hiking on a spring day.

Keep warm and have fun

Despite the recent plummaging temperature, residents in Shenzhen step out of their home to have fun at Lianhua Hill Park and Shenzhen Book City CBD Store while keeping themselves warm over the weekend.

Multiethnic chidren's choir stages concert

Children from Lisu, Mongolian and Yi ethnic groups with Shenzhen Concert Hall Chanson de Montagne Multiethnic Children's Choir joined hands with Shenzhen Senoir High School Lily Girls Choir and singer Moxi Zishi to stage a concert featuring multiethnic music at Shenzhen Concert Hall on Sunday.

Volunteers brings Christmas joy to special learning center

The children at Tiantian Rehabilitation Center, a learning center in Longgang District for kids with special needs, enjoyed an early Christmas celebration with local charity group A Heart for China (the AHFC) yesterday.