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Rural vitalization breathes new life into villages

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, China has witnessed fundamental changes over the past 10 years and the country has always put agriculture and rural areas high on the agenda of its economic work.

Salute Luohu Bridge guarding post

As the instruction "Salute the guarding post" was heard over Luohu Bridge, soldiers raised their arms to salute the guarding post west of the head of the bridge, tears filling their eyes.

Meet these little creatures in Futian 'rainforest'

Discover an indoor “rainforest” in Futian! A specially designed area in the Link Central Walk shopping mall features lush foliage and a cottage, as well as creepy snakes, lizards, beetles and geckos.

A life-saving training session

The Shenzhen Rescue Volunteers Federation was initiated by the Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoor Sport Association right after the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Since its inception, the SRVF has been actively involved in major disaster rescue and response work.

Fashion Shenzhen Show wraps up

Themed "Fashion Voyage," this year's three-day Fashion Shenzhen Show was held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District.

City under Typhoon Ma-on

The public is warned to stay vigilant, properly stow away items at outdoor areas, stay away from large outdoor billboards, and keep themselves updated with the latest weather report.

Embracing nature in city of parks

​No matter where you are in the city, a green escape is never far as Shenzhen has no shortage of parks. Shenzhen residents, regardless of age, are used to the lifestyle of going to parks to embrace nature, entertain and relax during their leisure time.

Culture week connects traditional arts with modern life

The cultural week, from Friday to Aug. 28, is themed on “connecting traditional arts with modern life.”Themed activities will be held to promote intangible cultural heritages to the public.

Old power plant turned into culture and art center

After about a year's renovation, the Huazhong Power Plant in Nanshan District has been transformed into a new culture and art center where citizens may enjoy their leisure time.