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A 'time travel' into the past and future at I-Factory

The vertical silos of the former Guangdong Float Glass Factory in Shekou in Nanshan District offer a unique, otherworldly space and the repurposing breathes new life into the aging behemoth.

Sanxingdui relics dazzle the city

A small exhibition interpreting Sanxingdui is being held at the Shenzhen Museum's ancient art division through Oct. 23. Some of the relics are on loan from Sanxingdui Museum and Jinsha Museum in Sichuan Province while some are 3D-printed replicas of Sanxingdui's star items.

Edixia Village holds community art event

Longhua is famous for its charming old Hakka villages, some of which have been turned into art villages such as the Guanlan Printmaking Village and New Who Art Village.

Light installations showcase rare animals and plants

Eight light installations in the shapes of rare animals and plants are on display on a bridge that stretches across Xinzhou River in Futian District, attracting many children and parents to stop by during evening walks.

Shekou recognized for nighttime consumption

The Shekou coastal cultural and creative street block is included in the second list of national nighttime culture and tourism consumption areas announced last month by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Cool down in indoor funlands, libraries

In the dog days of summer, treat your children and their friends to some indoor funlands in shopping malls in Shenzhen. Public libraries are also cool places to beat the heat and they play an important role in providing out-of-classroom reading for youths in the vacation.

Chenguang Dairy and its Xinpitou Pasture

With electric fans blowing cold air and water pipes drizzling around, the black-and-white cows stood leisurely at their stalls at Xinpitou Pasture, enjoying their meals.

Shekou MSCE 5th anniversary

Building a foreign-related service platform and internationally recognized blocks integrating expats into the local community has been on the government’s agenda in terms of building an international metropolis.

Let’s go eco-camping!

In recent years, the number of people participating in camping has spiked as outdoor activity lovers look to break the monotony of life in the pandemic. Eco-camping is becoming increasingly important accordingly.