China-India Classic Music Concert deepens friendship
Artists from China and India delivered a classical music concert Friday night at Shenzhen University. The concert is also part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore’s visit to China.
Surinamese president enjoys light show in SZ
President of the Republic of Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi arrived in Shenzhen on Monday afternoon for a two-day visit. During his stay in Shenzhen, Santokhi will focus on learning about the city’s economic and social development, and visit local enterprises to promote friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between the Republic of Suriname and Shenzhen. In the evening, the president and his delegation enjoyed a light show at the Civic Center.
SZ band Glintwine stands out in local music scene
Shenzhen band Glintwine stands out in the local music scene with their unique performances. It was formed in 2021 by two Yale University graduates namely Zhang Qiudi, better known as Didi, and Pu Xiaobo. The band's style integrates international musical expressions that taking from various cultures, thanks for Didi's experiences in several countries along the ancient Silk Road and her broad vision in music.
Exploring China in a day in Shenzhen
To better serve foreign visitors and expats arriving in Shenzhen, we hereby present the "A Foreigner's Guide to Shenzhen" video series. In this episode, we provide a general guide to checking in a hotel in Shenzhen as a foreigner.
Flying through mangroves: US shutterbug amazed in Baguang
Daniel Miller, a shutterbug from the U.S., has been living in Guangdong for a long period. He has a mania for assembling FPVs through which he can capture many amazing shots of scenic views. Not long ago, he was invited to Baguang.
Singaporean DPM's tech trip in SZ
Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies Heng Swee Keat led a delegation of some 30 members on a visit to Shenzhen on April 11. In a packed schedule, the delegation visited several Shenzhen technology companies, including XtalPi, WeBank, SmartMore, and Han’s Laser, and toured the Qianhai Exhibition Hall.
Lang Lang honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Chinese pianist Lang Lang was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 10. Lang is considered one the finest classical pianists of his generation. He is Shenzhen's Goodwill Ambassador.
Russian supermarket: A bite of Russia in SZ
Follow Marina as she visits the Russian supermarket in Longhua District to explore what products it has and recall the taste of the food she once had in Russia. Have you already been to the supermarket? Write down your comments about the products you bought there!
WICCO LINK: Shenzhen & Edinburgh
Shenzhen and Edinburgh, capital of Scotland in the U.K. officially established a Sister City relationship in May 2019. Shenzhen is a young, vibrant metropolis known as a UNESCO City of Design, while Edinburgh is recognized as a time-honored literary and creative hub holding the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both cities not only boast a rich inventory of cultural and artistic achievements, but have also forged a close friendship through cultural dialogues and exchanges. Check out the latest episode of “Wicco Link” to feel the amazing resonance between the two innovative cities.