With traditional, innovative flavors, mooncakes give Polish a taste of Mid-Autumn Festival
Piotr Blaszak, a content creator from Poland, tasted mooncakes of different flavors to find out flavors that might be favored by expats.
Follow Rafael to embrace the Asian Games vibe
Follow Rafael to embrace the Asian Games vibe | EyeShenzhen's specially-invited content creator Rafael, who is also a Shenzhen global communication ambassador, has arrived in Hangzhou. Let's follow his lens to discover more about the Games and the city!
iStory: Italian thinks SZ crucial for design industry
Alessandro Antonicelli from Italy is a visual artist and the director of the creative arts department of Huitong School in Qianhai. Let's hear his story with Shenzhen.
iStory: Polish happy to promote SZ overseas
Piotr Blaszak, a content creator from Poland, has been in Shenzhen for nine years. Today let's hear his story with Shenzhen.
iStory|Algerian shares story with Shenzhen
Dr. Nihad Cheraga from Algeria is an entrepreneur and a business development manager in Guangming’s life science park. Let's hear her story with Shenzhen.
Global communication ambassadors share SZ stories 
The Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassadors Annual Events Launch and iStory “My Shenzhen Story” Sharing Session was launched at Shenzhen Lang Lang Music World in Meilin Subdistrict, Futian District today. The event gathered Shenzhen residents from around the world to listen to the global communication ambassadors’ stories and learn about the upcoming projects jointly planned by EyeShenzhen and the ambassadors.
Become a global communication ambassador to share SZ stories
The Shenzhen Global Communication Ambassadors Annual Events Plan and the EyeShenzhen Content Co-creation Plan were launched at a ceremony today. EyeShenzhen will prepare a series of amazing activities for its ambassadors and invite them to share stories of Shenzhen from different perspectives.
Foreign workforce drives firm's overseas expansion
Mujeeb Ur Rehman Khan, hailing from Pakistan, dedicates a significant portion of his work hours to business trips. His destinations span across various Middle Eastern countries, where he conducts training sessions for distributor engineers, visits their clients and gathers feedback from end users, contributing to the global expansion of the Shenzhen-based company he works for.
UAE delegation led by Ramy Jallad visits Guangdong
Since the inception of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as one of the countries with the greatest potential for expanding trade relations with China. In recent years, there has been a significant surge in bilateral trade between China and the UAE. In early September, a delegation led by Ramy Jallad, the group chief executive officer of the UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, visited Guangdong Province. During this visit, they explored cooperation opportunities in three cities: Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan.