Frequently asked questions by visitors to Shenzhen

Where is Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is a coastal city in South China’s Guangdong Province. It is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River, neighboring Guangzhou to the west and Hong Kong to the south.

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How big is Shenzhen?

The total area of Shenzhen is 1,997.47 square kilometers, a bit larger than the Houston, Texas metropolitan area (1,740 square kilometers).

What kind of climate does Shenzhen have?

Shenzhen has a subtropical monsoon climate. The weather is generally temperate to mild, with plenty of rain and sunshine.

When is the best time to visit Shenzhen?

The period from November to April is the best. With longer summers and no winter season, Shenzhen is perfect for vacations throughout the year.

How often is Shenzhen affected by typhoons?

The average number of typhoons affecting Shenzhen is 4.2 times per year. Typhoon season runs from July through October.

How is Shenzhen's air quality?

About half of Shenzhen’s total area consists of nature protection zones for suburban parks. Forests cover 41.2% of the city's total land. The average annual PM2.5 levels in the city is 28 micrograms per cubic meter, making Shenzhen one of the 10 cities in the country with the best air quality.

How much does it usually cost to visit parks in Shenzhen?

Most of Shenzhen's parks offer free entry.

What is the standard hotel price in Shenzhen?

It usually costs between 300 to 500 yuan. High-end hotels and resorts above four stars are over 400 yuan per night.

How much do the Dapeng youth hotels normally cost?

Youth hotels in the Dapeng Peninsula coastal scenic spot generally cost 50 to 100 yuan a night.

Is the Shenzhen Metro (subway) expensive?

It is one of the least expensive transports worldwide, starting at just 2 yuan for 4-kilometer trips. Learn more: "Shenzhen Metro"

Are taxi rides expensive in Shenzhen?

The base price of taxis is 10 yuan for the first 2 kilometers and 2.6 yuan for every additional kilometer.

What's the average temperature in Shenzhen?

With an average temperature of 22 C (72 F) of the whole year, Shenzhen has a long mild summer and short relatively warm winter, which makes the city a year-round travel destination.

Are living costs in Shenzhen relatively high?

The cost of living in Shenzhen is in line with that in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

How long a visit should I plan for Shenzhen?

If you want to go on shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing trips, two to three days is enough. However, if you plan to go to eastern scenic sites such as the Dapeng Peninsula, it is recommended to add another one to two days.

Is it hot during Shenzhen's summertime?

The high temperature is about 35 C (95 F), but you may feel hot because of the high humidity.

Are there many natural attractions in Shenzhen?

The city has a rich variety of natural attractions, including beautiful mountains, beaches, parks, nature reserves and wetlands.

Is Shenzhen a tourist city? Is it convenient to travel in the city?

Yes. Shenzhen is a coastal cosmopolitan tourist city. With sea, land and air checkpoints, Shenzhen has a safe, quick and convenient tourist transport network. Eating, living, traveling, shopping and recreating in Shenzhen are made easy and fun with ample tourism infrastructure and products and food from around the world.

Brief me on Shenzhen's tourist attractions.

The city boasts more than 100 scenic spots, including human-made theme parks, natural ecological parks, coastal resorts, shopping plazas and historic sites. Popular places include Wutong Mountain, Dameisha Beach, Window of the World, Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark, the Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve, and the Inner Lingding Island, among others.

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What can I see if I visit Shenzhen in spring?

One prominent feature of the city in spring is the ubiquitous scene of blooming flowers. Shenzhen has been named one of the top 20 destinations in China to enjoy the blossoming of flowers, according to a list released by, an online tourism service provider.

Are there any natural resorts in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are abundant choices and popular places include Dashahe Ecological Corridor, Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve, and Inner Lingding Island.

Brief me on Shenzhen's coastline and coastal scenic spots.

Shenzhen has a 260-km coastline, which boasts a large number of coastal scenic spots, including the Shenzhen Bay, Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches, Sea World, and Dapeng Peninsula. The coastline along the Dapeng Peninsula was named one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China by Chinese National Geography magazine. Shenzhen has more than 20 public beaches, some of which are linked by seaside walkways.

Are there any historic sites to visit in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are 57 city-level protected sites containing cultural relics around Shenzhen, including the well-known Zhongying Street and Dapeng Fortress. Shenzhen is not only a modern city with a history of reform and opening up, but also a city with an ancient civilization past. New Stone Age ruins found in Xiantouling in Dapeng indicate that humans inhabited the area at least 6,700 years ago.

Are there any local cultural festivals in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are more than 170 tourism-related and cultural festivals in Shenzhen, including the Nanshan Litchi Culture and Tourism Festival, Golden Coast Tourism Festival, and Longgang Dragon Dance Festival.

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Please tell me something about intangible cultural legacies of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen’s list of intangible cultural legacies include 164 items covering categories ranging from folk culture, folk music, traditional dance, folk art and folk customs to traditional craftsmanship and traditional medicine. Among these items, seven are State-level intangible cultural legacies, which are the fish-lantern dance of Shatoujiao, traditional orthopedic skills of the Guo family of Pingle, Chinese kylin dance of Dachuankeng, Qixing lion dance of Songgang, kylin dance of Yongshengtang of Bantian, traditional ancestor-worship ceremony of Xiasha Village and Jia School's Acupressure Therapy.

Is it a good decision to go shopping in Shenzhen? Can you recommend a few shopping malls?

Shenzhen is positioned as an international consumption center, which offers abundant choices of high-end international goods as well as locally produced products. Popular shopping malls include The MixC in Luohu District, CoCo Park in Futian District, and Coastal City in Nanshan District. Shenzhen is also known as a shopping paradise of electronics and electronic components, which are prominently available in the Huaqiangbei area.

How good is Shenzhen's food?

Shenzhen serves some of the best food in the world. With thousands of eateries, visitors can taste delicious foods representing countless cultures.

Can I find some bar streets in Shenzhen?

Yes. One of the best-known bar streets is in Shekou Sea World and another is the one near CoCo Park.

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Are there any bar streets in Futian?

There is a well-known bar street in Coco Park.

Are there any wharfs in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are nine wharfs in the city. They are Shekou Cruise Homeport, Fuyong Wharf, Yantian Wharf, Chiwan Wharf, Mawan Wharf, Inland River Wharf, Dongjiaotou Wharf, Shayuchong Wharf, and Dachanwan Wharf. Shekou Cruise Homeport and Fuyong Whart are for passenger transport, while the rest are for freight transport. 

Can I travel to Hong Kong by train?

Yes. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link is an important rail link in the country that links Hong Kong with Shenzhen. There is a convenient "one stop" checkpoint at the Hong Kong station.

How many checkpoints are there in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen has 16 checkpoints in total that allow the flow of people and goods. They cover land, sea and air travel.

Which checkpoint is the busiest for the flow of passengers?

The busiest checkpoint is Luohu Checkpoint. It is a land checkpoint connected with Lo Wu Station of Hong Kong MTR's East Rail Line, and Luohu Station of Shenzhen Metro’s Line 1. Roughly 100 million people use it annually. Its operation time is from 6:30 12:00 p.m. every day.

Are there any checkpoints offering 24-hour service?

Huanggang Checkpoint is open 24/7. It is in Futian District and is close to the city center. It is both the largest comprehensive road crossings for passengers and cargo in China and one of the largest land crossings. It is the second busiest in Shenzhen after Luohu Checkpoint.

Through which checkpoint can I go to Hong Kong by metro?

Futian Checkpoint offers seamless transfer by Metro to Hong Kong. Trains run an average of every 15 minutes, and is a 14 minute ride. Tickets start at around 75 yuan for adults.

What checkpoint offers Hong Kong and Shenzhen immigration inspection services?

Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint provides immigration inspection service. Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint is located in Dongjiaotou, Shekou. It allows passengers and vehicles for departure and arrival customs clearance to take place within a short distance. Operation hours for passengers are from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every day and the checkpoint offers around-the-clock service for cargo flows.

Is summer long in Shenzhen?

Yes, from May to October.

Are there many theme parks in Shenzhen?

Yes. Shenzhen is regarded as the capital of Chinese theme parks and tourism innovation. Popular ones including Happy Valley, Window of the World and Splendid China.

Where can I find a place to watch sunset in Bao'an?

Xiwan Mangrove Park in Bao'an District boasts some distinctive scenery that cannot be seen elsewhere, including spectacular sunsets.

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Please recommend a few parks in central Futian.

Lianhua Hill Park and Bijia Mountain Park are near to the Central CBD of Futian District. 

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Where can I enjoy quiet nighttime activities in Shenzhen?

One of the recommended places to spend a quiet night is Xichong community, Nan’ao, on the Dapeng Peninsula, which boasts dreamy scenes of roaming fireflies. It has been certified as the first International Dark Sky Community in China by the International Dark-Sky Association.

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Are there any parks near Shenzhen North Railway Station?

Two parks near the Shenzhen North Railway Station are Central Park and Nanyuan Park.

Please brief me on Wutong Mountain.

Wutong Mountain is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen, making it a mecca for hikers and climbers. The south side of the mountain is host to the “South Gate” to several hiking trails up the mountain. The trails have gained popularity since the Metro Line 8, which stops nearby, was put into use. The north side of the mountain includes a cluster of seven quaint, old villages with a number of unique stores and restaurants, including several vegetarian resturants and food prepared in several provincial styles. It also hosts the “North Gate” to the most popular trails up the mountain. There is also a Buddhist Monastery, Hongfa Temple; the 30 to 45 minute hiking trail is of moderate difficulty and can be rather muddy on rainy days, but is a nice stop for a very filling mid-day meal. It can also be accessed via the Fairy Lake Garden.

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Are there any parks around the Dongchong area?

Dongchong boasts the Dongchong Mangrove Wetland Park. Various trails provide easy viewing of flora and fauna, including the 20,000-square-meter newly planted mangroves of different species. This beautiful ecological scenic spot also provides a habitat and sanctuary for birds such as the great egret, little egret, black-billed gull, oriental stork, nordmann’s greenshank, pheasant-tailed jacana and peregrine falcon.

I want to learn about Maluan Mountain.

Maluan Mountain is in Pingshan District and it is renowned for its large waterfalls, old Hakka villages, breathtaking natural scenery and thousands of wildlife species.

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I heard Hongqiao Park is unique. Can you tell me about it?

Hongqiao Park in eastern Guangming District has its name deriving from the 4-kilometer-long elevated red path. The project won the Best Landscape Design Award at the 2020 World Architecture Festival China.

Tell me something about Shenzhen Bay Park.

Shenzhen Bay Park is a seaside urban park in Shenzhen. The park occupies a 13-kilometer-long stretch of reclaimed land along the southern coast of Shenzhen. It spans much of the coastline of Nanshan and Futian districts. The park is divided into two sections, namely the Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreation Zone on its southwest side and the Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park on its Eastern side. The latter is situated within the Mangrove Nature Reserve, a habitat for numerous endangered bird species and is also known for its mangrove forest.

Please recommend a few parks in Guangming.

Popular ones include Hongqiao Park, Honghuashan Park, Zuo’an Science and Technology Park and Dadingling Greenway. Additionally, eight new parks have opened in Guangming District.

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What can I see at Splendid China?

Splendid China is a lively, rich, and comprehensive miniature scenery park, which vividly depicts the history, culture, ancient architecture and art and folk customs of ethnic groups in China. Minatures include structures such as the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, a not-so-minature repleca of the Leshan Giant Buddha statue,and even a miniature replica of the Forbidden City.

Which parks are suitable for family events in Guanlan?

Guanlan’s family-oriented parks include the Terra Art Ecological Park and Guanlan Shanshuitianyuan Tourism and Culture Park.

I heard wetlands in Shenzhen are becoming increasingly popular. Where are they?

Shenzhen's wetlands are mostly close to the sea and some are in mountains. 

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Are there any wetland parks near Shenzhen's CBD?

People in Shenzhen's CBD have easy access to Futian Mangrove Ecological Park, OCT National Wetland Park, and Shenzhen Bay Park, among others.

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Please recommend a few beaches in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen's beaches are mostly in Dapeng New Area. Popular ones include Yangmeikeng, Jinshawan, Judiaosha, Xichong Beach, and Dongchong Beach. Two popular beaches that are found in Yantian District are Dameisha and Xiaomeisha.

Are there some fun places to explore near beaches in Shenzhen?

Yes. Please try Jiaochangwei and Nan'ao Village.

Please recommend some museums in Nanshan.

Shenzhen has a large variety of museums. In Nanshan, there is the Nantou Ancient City Museum and the Nanshan Museum.

In which museums can I learn about Shenzhen history and culture?

Most of the Shenzhen museums provide insight into Shenzhen’s history and culture. Two that focus on these subjects are the Shenzhen Museum and the Hakkas Folk Customs Museum.

Please recommend theaters and concert halls in Shenzhen.

Modern Shenzhen boasts a variety of stages for live entertainment. Prominent among the list are the Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Poly Theater, and the new Bay Opera of Shenzhen in Bao’an District.

Where can I enjoy concerts in Futian District?

I recommend Shenzhen Concert Hall. There are also many smaller venues ranging from book stores to pubs, presenting everything from classical Chinese and Western music to jazz and hard rock.

Where can I learn about cultural heritage among Shenzhen’s museums?

There are many intangible cultural heritage items; some are local, some provincial, and some national. To discover more about the items, visit the Intangible Cultural Heritage Thematic Center of the Futian Cultural Hall, which on Fuhua Road, Futian District.

Are there any art museums focusing on design?

Yes. Please try Design Society in Shekou and the AN+ Art & Design Center in the Shenzhen Ping An International Financial Center, Futian District.

Recommend some art museums in Shenzhen.

Two of the many wonderful art museums are the Shenzhen Museum and the Guan Shanyue Art Museum. The latter was built to present the work by Guan Shanyue and to perpetuate her legacy as a significant contributor to the development of art in Shenzhen and in China.

Are there any academic libraries in Shenzhen?

The Shenzhen Science and Technology Library is a library specializing in providing public access to academic published works.

Brief me on libraries in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is known as a city of libraries for its vast network of big and small libraries. There are city-level ones, district-level ones, and community-level libraries. Even in some major parks, libraries, usually meticulously designed, are available. With a library card, one can order and receive library books at mobile automated library kiosks located through Shenzhen.

Are there any libraries in Dapeng?

Yes, there are several, for example, the Dapeng Library, Nan’ao Library and Kuichong Library.

Are there any specially designed bookstores that are worth a visit in Shenzhen?

Yes, there are several. Check out Yuishin Books in Qianhai, On Show in Bao’an District, Wufei Books in Nanshan District and The CM in Shekou.

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Would you like to tell me something about Dapeng Fortress?

Dapeng Fortress is the most complete military fortress of the Ming Dynasty in South China. Built in 1394 by a general named Zhang Bin to resist Japanese pirates, the military base’s primary function was to safeguard an area that is now part of Hong Kong and the east of Shenzhen. The fortress was put on China’s list of protected historical sites in 2001, and it is thus far the only such site listed in the city.

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What can I see in Nantou Ancient Town?

It is an ancient city site with a history of almost 1,700 years and tops the list of Shenzhen's top 10 characteristic cultural blocks. It boasts unique architecture and offers several items on the intangible cultural heritage list.

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Are there any historic temples in Shenzhen?

There are several historic temples, including the Chiwan Goddess Temple in Chiwan, Shekou, and the Hongfa Buddhist Temple located on Wutong Mountain near the Fairylake Botanical Garden in Luohu District.

Do I need to prepare documents before visiting Zhongying Street?

You only need to make an online reservation before your visit.

Are there some ancient villages in Shenzhen related with arts?

The new Who Art Village in Longhua District is a popular venue for domestic and international artists to do residency projects. Another famous village is the Dafen Oil Painting Village. It covers only about 0.4 square kilometers but is home to over 1,200 painting workshops and over 10,000 painters. At its peak, over 60% of the oil paintings sold in the world originated from Dafen Oil Painting Village.

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Recommend a church in Shenzhen.

There are several churches, mosques, and active traditional Chinese temples throughout Shenzhen. The Bao'an Catholic Church is regarded as the most beautiful church in Shenzhen. Another Catholic church is located in the Antuoshan area.

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Any regular traditional Chinese cultural events in Shenzhen?

There are various Chinese culture events in Shenzhen, such as the Shatoujiao Fish Lantern Festival, and the Futian District Walled Village Season Series.

I want to know more about the Shenzhen Fringe Festival.

The Shenzhen Fringe Festival is a cultural activity that covers music, drama, dance and body art, live sculpture, a tour carnival, and interactive exhibitions and other multi-cultural art experiences. Initiated in 2010, the Shenzhen Fringe Festival not only discovers art pioneers and bold innovative performance forms in various fields, but also breaks the limitations of theater space, and encourages artists to go outdoors and use multiple venue platforms to improvise on their original creativity.

Are there any music festivals in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are several, including Nanshan Pop Music Festival held every April, and the Shenzhen Piano Music Festival in October to November every year.

Please recommend a few routes for self-guided tours in Shenzhen.

There are several recommended routes, including hiking routes, seaside routes and culture tours.

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Please recommend a hiking trail in the Meilin area.

Try the Meilin Mountain Hiking Trail.

Where can I go hiking in Luohu?

Taojinshan Greenway would be a nice choice. In the northeastern corner of Luohu are the popular hiking trails up and around Wutong Mountain.

Can you recommend a hiking trail in Bao'an?

Jiangang Hill has several nice hiking trails providing access to nature and views of the bay area.

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Are there any recommendations for taking breaks and appreciate scenery when climbing Wutong Mountain?

The Enshang Reservoir park provides a nice restful environment and a break from city activities.

Are there any costal parks in Nanshan District?

OCT Wetland Park would be a good choice. There are also greenways connecting several parks for a variety of experiences.

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Are there any nature reserves in Shenzhen?

Among others, Neilingding Futian Nature Reserve is a national-level nature reserve in Futian District.

Please recommend a hiking trail in Longgang.

Hiking trails in Qiushui Hill Park provide spectacular experiences.

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Are there any traditional villages that I can explore in Shenzhen?

There are villages that reflect Hakka and other ethnic and cultural traditions scattered throughout the Shenzhen area, including the Shangwei Art Village in Longgang District and Jingui Village in Pingshan District.

Is there an uncrowded park in Bao'an?

One of the less visited parks in Bao'an is Lixin Lake Park.

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Please recommend a niche park in Longgang.

Both Xuezhujing Park and Baishawan Park are good choices.

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Is there a less-visited park in Luohu?

Xiangsilin Park in Luohu District is a quiet park that has few visitors.

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Please recommend a sports park in the Tanglang area.

A great Shenzhen sports park is the Shenyun Cultural and Sports Park located in the Tanglang area.

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Please recommend a sports venue in Longhua.

Mount Jiulong Sports Park is located in Longhua District.

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Are there any children-friendly sports parks in Pingshan?

Yes. Please try Children's rooftop garden.

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Please recommend a sports park that is suitable for both adults and children in Longgang.

Families and singles can enjoy Bell Park for various sports and health-related activities.

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Is there a sports complex in Longhua?

Yes. The Longhua Cultural and Sports Center is a brand new sports complex in Longhua.

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Where can I go to appreciate a starry night in Shenzhen?

Xichong is a great choice! It is recognized as Shenzhen's "dark sky" by the International Dark-Sky Association.

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Can I find fireflies anywhere in Shenzhen?

Yes. Xichong.

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Please recommend some sci-tech tourism routes.

Shenzhen has launched two tourism routes featuring the city's technology development, linking up the city's science education bases, national-level tourist attraction and museums.

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Can you recommend a hiking trail with beautiful scenery in Nanshan?

The Chaguang-Tanglang Hiking Trail offers wonderful sea and mountain scenery.

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Are there any children-friendly parks in Futian?

Yes. Please try Bijia Mountain Park. Most parks have features that are family-oriented.

Are there any sites that are worthy of visiting along Metro Line 14?

There are many places that are worthy of visiting along Metro Line 14. It reaches into Pingshan, and includes easy access to the Pingshan Art Museum, Pingshan Central Park, the Pingshan Library, and villages full of Hakka culture.

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How can I explore Hakka culture in Shenzhen?

A good way is to take Metro Lines 14 and 16 and stop at several Hakka landmarks.

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Please recommend a swimming pool in Bao’an District.

Songgang Sports Center in Bao’an District is equipped with two standard swimming pools. 

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Where can I go sports wall climbing in Shenzhen?

Xiantong Sports Park’s climbing wall is one of the biggest outdoor climbing fields in China. 

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Are there any green trails suitable for cycling in Shenzhen?

Yes. There are several green trails for cycling in Shenzhen, such as the Futian River Green Trail and Shenzhen Bay Green Trail.

Please recommend a football (soccer) field in Futian District.

Shenzhen Futian Sports Park provides soccer fields for 7 or 11 players seven days a week.

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Please recommend a gym club that provides professional training courses.

There are many gym clubs across Shenzhen. Some of them have branches in different districts, providing professional personalized training courses to meet members' sports and fitness needs.

Tell me something about Luohu Sports and Leisure Park.

Luohu Sports and Leisure Park in Luohu District boasts a well-equipped platform for public sports.

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Where can I find a fitness room in Dapeng District?

There are several fitness rooms providing basic sports facilities for residents in Dapeng District.

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Where can I play golf in Luohu District?

Yinhu Mountain Sports Park is a well-equipped complex with venues for golf, squash, tennis and other sports.

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Are there tennis clubs that I can join in Luohu District?

The Tennis Club in Luohu Sports Development Center is an ideal place for playing tennis and socializing. There are also other tennis clubs and facilities throughout Shenzhen.

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Where can I take my child to learn swimming in Nanshan District?

The Nanshan Culture and Sports Center provides swimming training courses for children in a standard indoor swimming pool.

Please recommend a place for playing tennis in Futian District.

The Gemdale Tennis Center and the Jindi Tennis Center among others provide well-equipped facilities for tennis lovers, who can also register for their indoor tennis courses.

What sports facilities are provided in Meilin Culture and Sports Center?

The Meilin Culture and Sports Center provides golf courts, tennis courts, football courts, volleyball courts, a finess center and basketball courts.

Are there any sports centers in Longhua District?

Yes. Jianshang Sports Complex in Longhua District is the first sports venue in China supported by smart technologies. 

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Please recommend a sports center in Guangming District.

The Mass Sports Center of Guangming District provides both outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

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Please recommend a sports center in Pingshan District.

The Gymnasium of Pingshan Sports Center was the venue for the basketball competitions of the 2011 Universiade, providing badminton courts, basketball courts and pingpong tables among other resources.

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Please brief me on Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium.

The Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium is a landmark of Shenzhen, consisting of a main stadium, a main gymnasium, a natatorium, Universiade Lake, the Mass Fitness Center and other fitness facilities.

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Where can I play volleyball in Longgang District?

The Longgang Sports Center is a large-scale nonprofit sports venue equipped with volleyball courts.

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Please recommend some sports centers in Nanshan District.

There are several comprehensive sports centers meeting all types of people’s needs for fitness and recreation in Nanshan District, including the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Nanshan Culture and Sports Center, Xili Sports Center, Overseas Chinese Town Sports and Cultural Center, and Lishan Culture and Sports Park.

Where can I enjoy natural landscapes in Bao'an District?

Wuzhiba Sports Park is designed in the style of classic Chinese gardens with lakes and pavilions.

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What are the available sports centers in Yantian?

There are several sports centers surrounded by beautiful natural scenery in Yantian District, including the Yantian Sports Center, Shatoujiao Gymnasium, Yantian Natatorium, and Yantian Tennis Court.