Ecuadorian partners with local engineer to tap agriculture drones

Ecuadorian Oswaldo Alberto Loor Sojos came to Shenzhen as a representative of his company to set up an office for the purchase of cellphone accessories in 2012.

Aussie fashion designer finds inspiration at Wutong Mountain

Kain Picken was not overjoyed after the Hong Kong debut of his fashion brand Wednesday night.

Russian designer heads for bigger arena

Lured by Shenzhen’s semi-permament summer climate and increasing opportunities in creativity, Russian graphic designer Elena Balakhnova has decided to start her own business and settle down in the city.

US maker promotes community education in SZ

After quitting his job in Silicon Valley, James Simpson wanted a challenge, so he relocated to Shenzhen four years ago and devoted himself to developing an open source education program.

French designer views SZ as a paradise for designers

Christophe Branchu is a French industrial designer who has been living in China for five years.

‘Shenzhen Stories’ fosters community in SZ

Trey Hobbs is a voice actor that dubs the Chinese kids show, “Boonie Bears,” into English.

Aussie designer impressed by China’s culture of hard work

Joseph Deleo, CEO and chief designer of Airflo Australia, has witnessed in person the changes China has gone through since the 1990s and is deeply impressed by its culture of hard work.

US basketball coach in Shenzhen dreams big

In the early 1980s, Chinese flocked to the United States to pursue wealth and opportunities, and to eventually realize their “American Dream.”

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