100 posters by 100 designers for 'Damp Season' on display

If film is art, so are film posters. When imbued with narrative flair, film posters carry a fascination of their own.

Music won't stop during overhaul of concert hall

Local music fans can finally give a sigh of relief as Shenzhen Concert Hall has come up with an ingenious solution to continue their music offerings while their main hall is being refurbished.

Exhibition pays homage to photographer Jerry Uelsmann

Local photography lovers can admire works by Jerry Uelsmann (1934-2022) at the "A Boat Is Waiting for Me" exhibition at See+ Gallery in OCT-LOFT.

Dance show based on ancient poem graces Poly

Works of art can often inspire other artists to come up with masterpieces in other forms and genres. Take the example of Tang Dynasty (618-907) painter Gu Kaizhi’s 6-meter-long hand scroll “Nymph of the Luohe River.”

A close look at classic Morandi colors

People who are obsessed with Morandi colors should not miss an exhibition featuring 46 artworks created by Italian painter and printmaker Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) at the Dafen Art Museum.

Global artists display contemporary works at TNT art space

The TNT Contemporary Art Space is collaborating with nine galleries at Dafen Oil Painting Village to display more than 60 artworks by contemporary artists from around the world, including Daniel Crews-Chubb, Cy Twombly, Hajime Sorayama, Fu Site and Francois Bancon.