Enjoy the beauty of imperfection

Ancient repair techniques are making a comeback in China as more people learn the beauty of imperfection, and an exhibition of repaired porcelain and pottery items are on display at Guangming District Cultural Hall.

Liang Shixiong’s paintings on display

uangdong Province is the birthplace of the Lingnan style of landscape painting where for more than a century painters have been re-inventing the classic Chinese paintings of mountains and water. And Liang Shixiong is one of them. The veteran Chinese painter is exhibiting his paintings, sketches and calligraphic works at an exhibition at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum. Entry is free.

Printmaking works on display

A total of 264 Chinese prints are on display to mark the 90th anniversary of the New Woodblock Print Movement in China.

Admire He Xiangning and Beijing masters’ art

“The New Paintings of Flowing Water and High Mountains — He Xiangning and the Beijing Art Circle in New Chinese Time,” a new exhibition featuring works by He Xiangning (1878-1972) and other Chinese masters, such as Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong, reveals these masters’ artistic attainment and their connections.

Qinghai artifacts showcase diverse cultures

he newly opened “Qinghai in the Belt and Road” exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum’s ancient art outlet on Tongxin Road in Futian takes visitors on a journey of Qinghai’s splendid history and culture.

China Printmaking Museum displays silkscreen prints

The China Printmaking Museum is exhibiting its collected silkscreen prints, including artworks by Andy Warhol and Tadanoro Yokoo, at the “Mapping Printmaking” exhibition.