Diverse artworks shown at OCAT's 'Off the Beaten Track' exhibition

Art lovers now have an opportunity to admire contemporary artworks by internationally sought-after artists, including Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi and Zhang Xiaogang, at an exhibition at OCAT Hall B10 in OCT-LOFT.

Art and craft between stitches

One side is an adorable panda eating bamboo, the other side is a fluffy white cat; one side is the traditional Chinese painting style, the other side is the Western oil painting style; and one side is made in the Chinese silk tapestry woven technique, the other side is the embroidery technique. These are all rendered in a Suzhou double-sided embroidery work which is on display along with more than 150 works at an exhibition at Shenzhen Museum's Ancient Art Division.

Streaming giant Tencent Video unveils plans

Tencent Video — one of the country's most popular streaming sites — has announced a string of sequels or spin-offs of some of its most popular projects at the 10th China International Audio and Visual Convention.

HK's oldest porcelain plant passes down timeless beauty

Yuet Tung China Works, located in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, has been crafting porcelain pieces for nearly a century.

Award-winning dance company to grace Pingshan

La Biennale di Venezia (the Venice Biennale), with a history dating back to 1895, is one of the world's most important art exhibitions. The biennale's Silver Lion is an award that recognizes promising artists and institutions that have distinguished themselves for cultivating new talents in areas including theater, music and dance, and this year, the Silver Lion Award for Dance goes to the Chinese contemporary dance company TAO Dance Theater.

Theater festival empowers young performers

In the fairytale of Cinderella, all the magical things created by the young woman's fairy godmother disappear at midnight, but one crystal slipper somehow remains, despite the magic having expired. Among all the women in the kingdom, Cinderella is the only one who can fit into the slipper, which obviously doesn't make sense.