The revival of porcelain art

Elegant porcelain wares from Liling City in Hunan Province, one of China’s three porcelain capitals, are on display at an exhibition in Nanshan Museum.

Dialect music finds home in town

For Ye Honggang, frontman of the versatile Guangxi-based band Horse Gang, his native Liuzhou dialect — like food cooked by his mom — brings back warm, treasured childhood memories.

Walking inside a symbol

The latest “Urban Flesh and Bones” tour took us to the center of Futian and the city — Lianhua Hill Park and Futian CBD.

Shuiwei village - Waterbound or landlocked?

A local cultural tour led by American anthropologist.

Traditional Chinese music presents new visage

Pipa, erhu, guzheng and bamboo flute are hailed as the hallmark instruments of traditional Chinese music.

City's biggest temple fair to kick off

The annual celebration of Sanyuesan will be held at the North Deity Ancient Temple.