Immerse in a sea of flowers at Palace Museum show

A new exhibition authorized by the Palace Museum in Beijing takes 12 representative flowers in the four seasons in the imperial palace as the theme and interprets them in various media such as calligraphy, paintings, installations and multimedia.

Free lecture gives listeners a taste of classical music

Accompanied by snippets of classical masterpieces handpicked by Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra artistic director Lin Daye, more than 200 audience members spent three joyous hours at a free lecture Saturday afternoon in Nanshan District.

A time travel to look at childhood in the '50s-'80s

People from different eras have experienced childhood in different ways. Social media sometimes radiates a nostalgic vibe and a comparison of then and now, triggering some people to say "It's different in my time."

Sanxingdui relics spark new discussion

Although the "Interpreting Sanxingdui" exhibition at Shenzhen Museum ended last month, talks on the ingenious designs of the Sanxingdui relics continue.

'Crested Ibises' calls for animal protection

Shanghai Dance Theater's signature dance drama "Crested Ibises" shows the elegance of the crested ibis, an endangered species, and calls for animal protection. Traditional Chinese dance gestures are used in upper body movements, while ballet and Western dance elements are featured in the footwork.

'Deep in Memory' to bring alive Nanjing Massacre

“Deep in Memory,” performed by the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, follows the survivors and witnesses of the Nanjing Massacre that took place when Japanese troops invaded Nanjing, during which more than 300,000 Chinese were killed in a six-week rampage that started Dec. 13, 1937.