'Red Chamber' play to come to Nanshan

The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center's play "The Dream of the Red Chamber" is a six-hour Chinese-language play based on the famous Chinese novel of the same name. The play will come to Nanshan on Oct. 22 and 23.

Glasses-free 3D show at UpperHills

Glasses-free 3D LED screens displaying high-definition 3D videos have helped build new multimedia spaces in the public around the world. Now a group of international artists are showing their new media works on a corner screen at the UpperHills shopping mall in Futian District. Without wearing special headgear, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of extraordinary 3D visualization.

Mirror exhibition, historical reflection

Ancient objects people created, used and valued can provide a clear picture of an ancient civilization. Chinese history can be found reflected in various artifacts and daily items, including exquisitely crafted mirrors made of bronze.

SZ Concert Hall marks 15th anniversary

Resembling several giant pieces of diamonds embedded in Shenzhen's CBD area in Futian District, Shenzhen Concert Hall yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of its official opening.

Lisson, ArtBay jointly present 'Variation'

This autumn, art lovers can appreciate paintings and sculptures by internationally sought-after artists at ArtBay in OCT-LOFT.

Zhang Jingye to play Ma Sicong's violin pieces

Chinese violinist Zhang Jingye will play a night of Guangdong-born composer and violinist Ma Sicong's pieces Oct. 15.