Designer Hong Ko shows his 'Blink Blink' world

Hong Kong designer Hong Ko is exhibiting his artwork at the "Blink Blink" exhibition in Nantou Ancient Town.

Exhibition showcases elegant Jiangnan lifestyle

A small exhibition at Nanshan Museum, titled “Life Style in the Regions South of the Yangtze River,” presents the elegant lifestyle in Jiangnan, the regions south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, that spanned thousands of years.

Chinese cultural heritage featured in Google program

In partnership with 10 Chinese museums and cultural institutions, the Google Arts & Culture has launched a WeChat miniprogram which allows users to celebrate Chinese cultural heritage with their own coloring re-creation.

Soak up more art at 'Stardust' exhibition

Artists Alexandra Gallagher, Zhang Zhanheng, Helen Gørrill, Anika Manuel, Bryan Lavelle, Grace Aza-Selinger, Tina Gibbard and Shema Ladva are displaying their works at the "Stardust" exhibition at the Art Cloud gallery.

Appreciate iconic National Geographic photos

There's a good opportunity for shutterbugs and globetrotters to explore the natural and humanistic beauty of the world as National Geographic has brought its stunning exhibition to Shenzhen.

Thai movies to be shown at Broadway Cinematheque

Seven Thai movies will be shown at the Broadway Cinematheque in Nanshan District from Sept. 22 to 26. All movies are in their original languages with Chinese and English subtitles except for "Bad Genius" that has Chinese subtitles only. Moviegoers can check the WeChat miniprograms "百老汇影城" or "猫眼" for schedules and tickets.