Guangdong supports SZ in building city of museums

Guangdong Province will support cities, including Shenzhen, in becoming a city of museums, according to a plan on museum reform and development recently released by eight provincial government departments.

Enjoy Bach's 'Cello Suites' by Chu Yibing

The “Cello Suites, BWV 1007–1012,” are suites for unaccompanied cello and are some of the most frequently performed solo compositions ever written for cello. They are some of the most recognizable and well-loved pieces of music and have been featured in concerts and commercials alike, and transcribed for a diverse array of instruments.

Writing camp attracts aspiring authors

Contrary to the common belief that creative writing is a process where you gnaw your pen, rack your brains and proceed alone in your private study as suggested by established authors like Stephen King, many aspiring authors find it easier if someone with more experience can give them to-the-point suggestions and help them out.

Chinese musical 'Into the White Night' to hit Guangming

The acclaimed Chinese musical "Into the White Night," starring actress Han Xue and Liu Lingfei and adapted from Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino's bestseller "Journey Under the Midnight Sun," will be staged in Shenzhen this weekend.

Awesome motion graphics to grab your attention

In our era of the new media and information explosion, people are more likely to interact and engage with motion visual works than with texts and images. Compared with static graphic design, motion graphics are highly versatile storytelling tools; they can splash on our screens right away and instantly grab our attention.

Art museum reaches out to public via lectures, workshop

Two lectures and a workshop were held Nov. 20 at the Art Museum, Guangming Culture and Art Center, to get the public interested in art and in exploring museums. The events were meant as a series to mark the second anniversary of the landmark cultural venue's opening in Guangming District.