Exquisite Viennese porcelains shine at Artron

More than 100 porcelains from the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory in Austria and 39 Viennese porcelains are on display at Artron Art Center.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse at ‘Ever Curious’ exhibition

During this May Day holiday, immerse yourself in “Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious Exhibition” in Shenzhen and celebrate all things Mickey for the cute mouse’s 90th anniversary.

Mountain View Theater music season marks Brahms

After enjoying brilliant chamber music of Bach and Beethoven in the past two Mountain View Theater Classical Music Seasons, music lovers in Shenzhen will now be lucky enough to listen to incredible chamber music from the third “B” throughout this year — Brahms.

Buddhist culture, craftsmanship in Dingzhou relics

A new exhibition of 140 relics excavated from the underground chambers of Jingzhi Temple and Jingzhongyuan Pagoda in Dingzhou, Hebei Province is being held at the Nanshan Museum through June 5.

Unique charm of porcelain pillows, clay inkstones

The Wangye Museum in Longhua District is hosting two exhibitions of its collected items: an ancient Chinese porcelain pillow exhibition and an inkstone exhibition, showing the unique charm of the daily utensils of ancient people in China.

Gongbi paintings by Li Dacheng

Chinese gongbi paintings by Li Dacheng are on display at the “Meditation and Expression on Nature” exhibition at the Shenzhen Art Museum.