Sanxingdui relics spark new discussion

Although the "Interpreting Sanxingdui" exhibition at Shenzhen Museum ended last month, talks on the ingenious designs of the Sanxingdui relics continue.

'Crested Ibises' calls for animal protection

Shanghai Dance Theater's signature dance drama "Crested Ibises" shows the elegance of the crested ibis, an endangered species, and calls for animal protection. Traditional Chinese dance gestures are used in upper body movements, while ballet and Western dance elements are featured in the footwork.

'Deep in Memory' to bring alive Nanjing Massacre

“Deep in Memory,” performed by the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, follows the survivors and witnesses of the Nanjing Massacre that took place when Japanese troops invaded Nanjing, during which more than 300,000 Chinese were killed in a six-week rampage that started Dec. 13, 1937.

Enjoy poetic music by Feng Mantian trio

Renowned ruan and yueqin master Feng Mantian, percussionist Yu Lei and keyboardist Zhao Bing will bring two concerts titled "Drawing Ancient Tones With Heritage Strings" to Shenzhen this weekend.

Puppet festival shows cultural charm

The first Bao'an Puppet Festival kicked off in Bao'an District on Tuesday night, with various puppet troupes from all over the country showcasing the charm of the intangible cultural heritage, Shenzhen Evening News reported.

Let's open 'Qilililith's Fairy Tale Book'

The "Qilililith's Fairy Tale Book" exhibition at the Xusheng Art Museum puts the "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" characters in the spotlight once more. Young Chinese illustrator Qilililith (Zhao Qili) is exhibiting her illustrations and sculptures inspired by Lewis Carroll's timeless tale. Entry is free.