New PAM exhibitions offer unique experiences

Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition “The Man Who Carves the Boat” on the sixth floor of the Pingshan Art Museum (PAM) provides a rare viewing experience: Visitors have to peep into small holes to see the artist’s photographic works and videos.

Find your nearest Spring Festival flower markets

Shenzhen's 2023 Spring Festival Flower Fair has a main venue in Futian District and several subvenues across the city. Shoppers can buy not only flowers but also Chinese New Year decorations.

Immersive exhibition dedicated to Paul Cézanne

A stunning, digital immersive exhibition of French artist and post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) is being held at the Pingshan Exhibition Gallery.

New exhibitions open at SZ Museum

Shenzhen Museum is offering a great lineup of new exhibits this winter. Don't forget: The museum's divisions are free to enter but require booking via the museum’s WeChat account (ID: iszbwg).

Tan Dun to conduct two SZSO concert

Leading Chinese conductor and composer Tan Dun has made an indelible mark on the world's music scene with a creative repertoire that travels across the boundaries of classical music, multimedia performance and Eastern and Western music traditions.

Thought-provoking exhibition on marine sustainability

Humankind has done unprecedented damage to the ocean such as overfishing and waste dumping. The ocean continues to deteriorate due to pollution, with devastating effects on the planet's ecosystem and biodiversity. Marine protection is very urgent.