SZ Concert Hall marks 15th anniversary

Resembling several giant pieces of diamonds embedded in Shenzhen's CBD area in Futian District, Shenzhen Concert Hall yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of its official opening.

Lisson, ArtBay jointly present 'Variation'

This autumn, art lovers can appreciate paintings and sculptures by internationally sought-after artists at ArtBay in OCT-LOFT.

Zhang Jingye to play Ma Sicong's violin pieces

Chinese violinist Zhang Jingye will play a night of Guangdong-born composer and violinist Ma Sicong's pieces Oct. 15.

Upcoming shows in Shenzhen

Upcoming shows in Shenzhen

Qinqiang-inspired song cheers in e-sport game

For the first time, top-tier e-sport video game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" ("CS:GO") has included a Chinese song in the game. Instead of a pop hit or a contemporary classic, the developers turned to music from the traditional intangible cultural heritage known as Qinqiang opera for inspiration.

Exhibition tells old Shenzhen stories

Old daily items with links to Shenzhen's history since the 1980s are on display at the "Home in Shenzhen: Stories of Time in Old Objects" exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum.