Spy thriller series adapted into musical

The first of a musical trilogy adapted from the same stories that spawned a popular Chinese spy thriller series in 2015 will greet local audiences in early September.

Old power plant turned into O•POWER Culture and Art Center

After about a year's renovation, the Huazhong Power Plant in Nanshan District has been transformed into a new culture and art center where citizens may enjoy their leisure time.

Explore cultural treasures in Italian documentaries

Seven Italian documentaries on some of the most famous artists and museums in the world will be screened at three Emperor Cinemas in Shenzhen starting this weekend. Moviegoers can check WeChat miniprogram “猫眼” or “淘票票” for schedules and tickets.

Great Art Space holds 'Uncertainty' exhibition

Great Art Space is holding the “Uncertainty” exhibition, featuring collage artworks and abstract paintings by British artist Lee Prescott and oil paintings by Chinese artist Jimmy Flower.

Enjoy classic operas on the lake

High-definition videos of three operas staged on Lake Constance during the past Bregenz Festival in Austria will be screened. Founded in 1946, the festival is famous for its extravagant and impressive stage on the lake and has developed into an internationally acclaimed cultural event. The floating stage, named Bregenz Opera House, or the Seebühne, was prominently featured in the 2008 James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace.”

Ancient books on display

Finely printed and revised ancient Chinese books dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) are on display at the Shenzhen Museum's ancient art division.