An encounter with art around the corner of the street

Since the Shenzhen Fringe Festival was launched in Shenzhen in 2010, it has become a can’t-be-missed art festival for Shenzheners. This year, under the theme of “Glowing Fringe, Glowing for 10 Years!,” the 10th Shenzhen Fringe Festival kicked off Nov. 13 with a two-night opening concert held at the small theater of Nanshan Culture and Sports Center.

Tech and art festival unfolded in Huaqiangbei

As usual, Huaqiangbei on Friday night, Nov. 8, was full of businessmen and tourists from different corners of the country and even of the world. At the space right next to SEG Plaza gathered a large crowd of all ages who were attracted by a performance at the opening ceremony of the second Huaqiangbei Tech and Art Festival.

Playful exhibition pushes tech forward with nature

Tasting panda-flavored ice cream, choosing a condom that guarantees you to have the baby of your chosen gender and wearing a motorized exoskeleton suit that gives you the power of a gorilla — these bold and debate-provoking concepts are presented at the “Next Nature” exhibition at OCT Art and Design Gallery.

French guitarist depicts musical profile of cities

After the last note rang out from the six-stringed acoustic guitar in Thibault Cauvin’s hands, putting an end to a young shepherd’s adventure into the hullabaloo of downtown Istanbul, he kissed the instrument with affection amid a long-lasting applause in the auditorium.

Legends, aspiring musicians jazz up B10 live

In its ninth year, the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival opened Friday night at B10 Live in an exciting way: Danish percussion queen Marilyn Mazur gave a 30-minute percussion show, pouring her magic out through several rarely seen instruments.

New faces perform well at Art Shenzhen

Art Shenzhen 2019 wrapped up at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept. 15.