Children show off creativity at art exhibition

Around 200 works of art created by 198 children are being exhibited at the third Xiaoyan School of Art exhibition at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center.

Oil painting exhibition at Dafen Art Museum

More than 4,000 oil paintings by artists from 66 countries and regions are on display at the “Home and Co-existence” exhibition of the Second Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale at Dafen Art Museum. Entry is free.

Paintings featuring Dongmen on display

Paintings of Dongmen which has a history of more than 400 years are on display at the Siyue Library in Luohu District. The painters are all local artists: Zhang Yuelun, Wen Zhenfei, Fang Xiaolong, Yang Daming and Yan Qing. Entry is free.

‘Nobody Knows Better Than Me’ exhibition in Bao’an

‘Nobody Knows Better Than Me’ exhibition in Bao’anThe “Nobody Knows Better than Me” exhibition includes four sections showcasing contemporary artworks by nine Chinese artists. Entry is free.

Thai artist Pomme Chan’s exhibition in town

Thai artist Pomme Chan is exhibiting her works at the We Gallery.

Local artist Xue Yang’s works on display

Shenzhen artist Xue Yang, who now works at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum, is exhibiting her oil paintings and sculptures at “The Second Flame” at the Serpentine Gallery in Shekou.