Exhibition presents a panoramic view of Chinese design

“Values of Design: China in the Making,” an exhibition exploring the growing field of Chinese design and attempting to understand how changing and evolving values are helping to shape what we design, produce and consume, opened at the V&A Gallery at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center on Saturday.

Tan Dun to conduct his own works in town

Tan Dun, chief guest conductor of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (SZSO), will wield the baton over the orchestra’s first concert in 2020 this Friday evening at Shenzhen Concert Hall, bringing his own works as well as two pieces by Mozart.

‘Master Gu’ignites craze for Western arts

Gu Mengjie, known as “Master Gu” on the Internet for his analysis of Western arts and also one of the web’s most popular cartoonists, told the audience these rarely heard stories at a book launch event for his new title “Xiao Gu Talks About Impressionism” in Shenzhen on Dec. 7.

Modern classic paintings in dialogue with designer toys at exhibition

Visitors to the “Trends of the Times: Holly’s International 2019 Art Exhibition” had the pleasure of appreciating classic paintings as well as designer toys simultaneously at the MixC World last week.

Cheerful paintings by Maud Lewis add color to winter

Amid seemingly endless contemporary art and high-tech art exhibitions currently running one after another in Shenzhen, a new exhibition partly featuring beloved Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis’ endearing paintings is like a fresh breeze through this warm winter.

Museum director on Jean Tinguely and his kinetic art

Roland Wetzel, director of Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland, gave a lecture on Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-1991), his abstract mechanical installations and the museum named after the artist last week at OCT Art and Design Gallery’s Master Talks event.