Illustrations featuring 24 Solar Terms on exhibition

The Shenzhen Illustration Association is holding a free exhibition of 100 works by 23 artists who portray the 24 Solar Terms. Depicting landscapes and folk culture, the illustrations highlight the infinite vitality and charm of Chinese farming and custom. The exhibition runs until Dec. 30.

The fantastic and familiar Mozart 2022

Son of an ambitious composer and violinist, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) was arguably the most gifted classical musician in history. His inspiration is often described as "divine," but he worked assiduously, not only to become the great composer he was, but also as a conductor, virtuoso pianist, organist and violinist. His oeuvre spans opera, symphony, concerto, chamber, choral, instrumental and vocal music. To pay tribute to this great musician, Shenzhen's Mozart Week will unveil its opening concert at Shenzhen Concert Hall this Friday evening.

Enter 'Wing Chun': where dance meets wuxia

While plenty of Chinese movies and TV shows have explored the life and inner world of Ip Man, a kung fu master born in Nanhai, Guangdong Province, more than a century ago, the upcoming "Wing Chun" dance show approaches its subject in a completely new and bold way.

Free concerts for November

Accompanied by the brisk cool air of fall, the Beautiful Sunday and Afternoon Music Time public benefit series have returned to Shenzhen Concert Hall.

Shanghai Dance Theater to stage 'The Eternal Wave'

Another signature work from Shanghai Dance Theater, "The Eternal Wave," is based on the real story of Chinese revolutionary martyr Li Bai. In 1938, Li and his wife risked their lives as they secretly transmitted intelligence information via radio to Chinese revolutionaries. Eventually, Li sent out his last transmission before bravely sacrificing his life.

Austrian festival operas, ballet shows to be screened

High-definition videos of operas from the past Bregenz Festival and Salzburg Festival in Austria and ballet pieces by the Vienna State Ballet will be screened at Shenzhen Lumière Pavilion in Huaqiangbei from Friday through Nov. 27.