Exhibition presents charming Xinjiang’s history, culture

More than 180 cultural relics from northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are on display at the “West Out of Yangguan” exhibition at the Nanshan Museum.

Reducing waste, reusing trash, rethinking objects

Would you go over to help a man whose head is stuck in a dustbin? In the next few weeks, if you see this scene in OCT-LOFT, don’t panic. It’s just a collection of public art sculptures created by British artist Markrobla who has placed dummies dressed in everyday clothes to help them “dump mental trash.”

Designers revive traditional crafts

The “Crafting the Future: New Value of Tradition” exhibition, which kicked off in late August in the 1,700-year-old Nantou Ancient Town, Nanshan District, is an exploration into the possibilities of utilizing traditional crafts to create modern designs.

Traditional art and craft on display

For fans of traditional Chinese culture and art, this is the real deal. Around 100 pieces of choice porcelain wares, sculptures, Chinese paintings and calligraphy works by contemporary artisans are on exhibition at the Sanfeng Art Museum in Futian District.

Hakka house-inspired show bridges old and new

Around 50 works by a dozen contemporary artists are being displayed at the Galaxy Guofeng Art Museum in Longgang District.

Old photography crafts featured at exhibition

Local photographers are exhibiting their photos using salt printing or platinum printing at an exhibition at Luohu Art Museum. Entry is free.