Three dance shows to shine at Poly

Three dance shows include "The Peacock," "The Goddess of Luo" and "The Nutcracker" will be staged at Poly.

Contemporary works by global artists shown in Dafen

Sixty artworks by contemporary artists from around the world, such as Chiharu Shiota, Bobbie Burgers, Egami Etsu, Matias Sánchez, Yoshitomo Nara and Kaws, are on display at TNT Contemporary Art Space in Dafen Oil Painting Village.

Shen Shaomin showcases his 'Brief History of Science'

Climate change-themed artworks are not new and now in Chinese artist Shen Shaomin's latest art installations to illustrate this threat, he only uses ordinary air conditioners to provide viewers a unique way to re-experience this summer's record-breaking heat wave at his exhibition.

SZSO in strategic partnership with QQ Music

For those classical music fans who can't go to the concert hall to enjoy a live concert, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (SZSO) now has a special gift to offer.

Games, fairytales at play in contemporary art

"Art's Language, Artists' Game," a new exhibition in OCAT Shenzhen's Hall A, focuses on contemporary artistic creations containing game-related elements. Fifteen groups of artists use videos, games, installations, performance art, paintings and photography to present the diverse relationship between contemporary art and the concept of "game."| The exhibition curator Li Rongwei intends to connect various factors in the concept of "game" with artistic creation in a metaphorical way.

South Korean designer starts anew in Futian

Being a good industrial designer means prioritizing user experience and being considerate of users, according to Lee Youn-gu, a 31-year-old industrial designer from South Korea.