Ning Feng, Zuo Zhang drop Brahms album

Chinese violinist Ning Feng and pianist Zuo Zhang, two internationally sought-after musicians, have released an album of Johannes Brahms' three violin sonatas and a scherzo via Channel Classics.

Illustrators' festival full of crazy ideas

A group of sea animal-turned vehicles are racing in the Seafood Championship, a weird creature named Siddons can't see, hear or talk, only using its heart to communicate with the world, and a deliveryman is in his extremely slow speed mode while managing his business.

A glance at Shenzhen Art Film Screening in March

The U.S. all-star drama "The Son" hit local cinemas last weekend and now moviegoers can watch the movie for cheap prices at the Broadway Cinematheque in some screenings, thanks to the Shenzhen Art Film Screening project.

Symphony concert raises awareness on hearing care

To raise awareness on ear care, the Shenzhen Disabled Persons Federation and Shenzhen Vitalization Symphony Development Foundation will join hands to hold a charity concert March 3, which marks the 24th National Ear Care Day in China.

For the love of art films

The Shenzhen Art Film Screening project has captivated local moviegoers since January thanks to its carefully curated, globe-spanning selection of exciting and visionary films by established and aspiring directors, as well as inexpensive tickets and inspirational talks between filmmakers and audience members.

Enjoy Argentine movies at Broadway Cinematheque

Seven Argentine movies will be shown at the "Un Lugar en el Mundo" ("A Place in the World") event from Feb. 25 to March 7 at the Broadway Cinematheque. All the movies are in Spanish with Chinese subtitles.