Photographer captures untold Cuban Chinese stories

While nowadays social media users tend to browse loads of internet photos to get glimpses of other people's lives around the world, Hong Kong-born photographer Pok Chi Lau is drawn to the stories from communities that are rarely explored even as they are disappearing. He looks for connection and humanity, capturing their realities with his camera.

Admire Dai Yun's creative sculptures at see+ Gallery

Chinese sculptor Dai Yun is exhibiting his iconic brick sculptures and some new works at the "Water•Sharpen•Stone" exhibition at the see+ Gallery in OCT-LOFT.

Admire Wang Chuan's abstract paintings in Pingshan

"Wang Chuan: Circumference" is the fourth exhibition of Pingshan Art Museum's Shenzhen Contemporary Artists Series. Curated by Jiang Jun, the exhibition displays 23 paintings created by Wang Chuan since 1985.

Award of Art China exhibition hits Artron

Paintings by 25 award-winning artists from the past Award of Art China are on display at the “Painting: Feel the Pulse of the Time” exhibition. Art lovers can admire works by those sought-after artists, such as Luo Zhongli, Yu Hong, Liu Xiaodong and Xu Bing, among others.

Journey down rivers in Wang Huangsheng’s exhibition

Rivers are the source of life; long or short, a river is usually associated with one’s hometown. This is also the feeling Chinese artist Wang Huangsheng is sharing in his new exhibition at the He Xiangning Art Museum.

Colorful illustrations portray 24 Solar Terms

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics earlier this year, the creative 24 Solar Terms countdown along with the stunning videos portraying Chinese landscapes drew worldwide attention. Now the Shenzhen Illustration Association is holding a free exhibition showcasing 100 works by 23 artists that portray the 24 Solar Terms.