Explore modern Tokyo life through Moriyama's photos

Black-and-white photographs by Daidō Moriyama are on display at the "Seeping Into Darkness" exhibition at Ferris Gallery.

Enjoy a candlelight jazz concert

A candlelight concert will be held at the Silos in I-Factory, Nanshan District this Sunday. Singer Lulu Liao with keyboard player Guo Tianyuan will perform.

Rule-breaking artist creates ruler-inspired works

People who visited Pingshan Art Museum recently to see the "Shen Shaomin's Brief History of Science" exhibition may be impressed by the "I Am My Own Result" installation, in which two giant tapelines measuring each other's lengths. Its creator Shen Shaomin asks viewers in the artwork profile: "Measure a standard with a standard; which is the standard?"

'From Mucha to Sendak,' a charming art feast

Enjoy works from the Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Surrealism, Ukiyo-e, Cubism and other genres by 50 masters at the "Masterpieces of Illustration: From Mucha to Sendak" exhibition.

Ballet prince from Guangdong shines on top Western stage

As the curtain on the stage fell slowly, Lincoln Center burst into thunderous applause. Chinese ballet dancers Chun Wai Chan and Fang Zhongjing impressed the audience with their consummate performance.

Artworks by Pang Yongjie on display

Oil paintings, ink paintings and sculptures created by Chinese artist Pang Yongjie are on display at WEG Art in OCT-LOFT.