Enter Da Vinci’s fantasy world

Take a timeless journey through an immersive space to discover one of the most versatile, complex and fascinating icons in our history: Leonardo da Vinci. This is “Time • Treasure: Dialogue With Leonardo da Vinci,” a multimedia exhibition dedicated to the genius of Da Vinci.

Art adorns OH Bay

Ten art installations from “Boundaries Ahead: OH Bay Art Project” curated by Shangqi Art are on display to imbue more cultural and art elements into the coastal area.

Imagination triggered at OCT-LOFT Creative Festival

RARELY had the spacious C2 Space in OCT-LOFT exhibited only one single artwork at an exhibition. Now there’s a new exhibition there, showcasing Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa’s latest multimedia installation. It’s worth your lingering there for a few minutes to get immersed in it.

Public art adds color to Zhongkang Road

Artworks created by 15 teams of Chinese artists have adorned Zhongkang Road in Futian’s Shangmeilin area, continuing to turn this residential area into a vibrant open-air art space.

Art Shekou kicks off in Nanshan

Sea World Culture and Art Center (SWCAC) will become the main venue for the first Art Shekou. The event includes “Fashioned From Nature,” a grand exhibition presenting dialogues between Eastern and Western fashion history; the Good Life Festival which is composed of concerts, screenings and creative markets; the fourth Go! Design Community Festival, further developing the idea of Design Community Creation; and other events such as the Shekou Car Free Day and Script Reading Workshop.

Wu Weishan’s ‘freehand’ sculptures on display

Sculptures and paintings created by Wu Weishan, director of the National Art Museum of China, are on display at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum. Follow WeChat account “gsyart” to book your visit.