Catch Phrase | 带资进组(dàizī jìnzǔ)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2020-10-19


“带” means “to bring,” “资” means “fund, capital,” “进” means “into,” and “组” here is short for “剧组” ( jùzǔ), which means “a filmmaking team.” Coined by Chinese netizens, this term refers to the scenario where an actor brings investment to a film or TV show production project, and therefore has a say in the casting decisions. In Hollywood, A-listers often co-produce films in which they act, but in China, it’s not a common practice. Sometimes the term implies that a certain actor brings investment to a project in exchange for a leading role, which they would not be casted in otherwise.


A: 前段时间有个剧,开始挺受欢迎,后面烂尾了。

Qiánduàn shíjiān yǒu ge jù,kāishǐ tǐng shòu huānyíng ,hòumiàn lànwěi le。

There was a recent TV series that got rave reviews at first but was criticized for its ending.

B: 你是说《以家人之名》吗?听说这部剧有人带资进组加戏了。

Nǐ shì shuō 《yǐ jiārén zhī míng 》ma?Tīngshuō zhè bù jù yǒurén dàizī jìnzǔ jiāxì le。

Are you talking about “Go Ahead?” I heard that some actor got a bigger role after investing in the show.